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How engaging your business stakeholders can improve cybersecurity

November 5, 2020 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EST

EY CPE Webinars

Participants of the live webinar will be eligible for 1 free CPE credit.

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In this webcast, panelists discuss how to bring more awareness to your cybersecurity program by aligning human behavior with business priorities.

Both human behavior and business priorities are often left unconsidered when cybersecurity teams plan policies, procedures, or security awareness strategies and education. Employees are experiencing learning fatigue, having to complete mandatory trainings without regard to their role or risk-based profile – and worse, without significant results on the organization’s overall risk profile. Business leaders may view cybersecurity as a roadblock rather than as an innovation enabler.

To measurably improve information security behavior and your human-based risk, stop training and start engaging your stakeholders and employees. Learn how to leverage awareness resources to improve all areas of your security function, including policy, procedure and technology implementations. Most importantly, consider a Security by Design approach to cybersecurity, to build in risk thinking from the onset, enabling global innovation with confidence and engaging with employees to build a relevant security mindset into everything they do.

In this webcast, we will discuss topics such as:

  • What is awareness?
    • The differences between awareness, training and education
  • Security by Design: leveraging cybersecurity awareness for more than training
    • Messaging appropriately tailored for business stakeholders to understand why and how cybersecurity should be incorporated into every aspect of the company
    • Engaging your awareness resources to be the public relations and marketing department for your CISO and CIO
    • Socialization of policies, procedures and new technology
  • Elements of a successful awareness program and security culture


  • Raddad Ayoub, Risk and Cybersecurity


  • Alexandra Panaretos, CSAP, EY Americas Secure Culture Activation Leader
  • Lars Weimer, CISSP, CISA, EY EMEIA Learning and Development EGP Cyber and Talent for EY EMEIA FSO Cyber Leader

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