Early adopters of cognitive and AI: What’s working and what’s next?

Participants of the live webinar will be eligible for one free CPE credit.

As early adopters of cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies gain more experience, they see both continued significant potential and practical realities. What do they have to report so far? We’ll discuss:

How companies are currently using cognitive and AI technologies and where they are focusing their efforts.
The economic value companies are achieving and lessons learned from early implementations.
The impact of these technologies on jobs and the workforce, now and in the future.
Participants will hear results of a recent Deloitte survey of cognitive-aware executives to gain insights on how leading companies are using cognitive today and how investing in these technologies can directly impact the bottom line.

The Role of Cognitive Technologies in Business

The new buzz words are machine learning, robotic cognitive automation, cognitive analytics, cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence. Many business leaders are trying to understand what the future of cognitive technology means for their business and the world.

What are some actual examples of these technologies that are already changing the way businesses work? Where are the successes and challenges? What are the consequences of these technologies on employees and society?

Free Deloitte CPE webcast

Deloitte, one of the world’s biggest accounting firms, is taking a leading role in trying to understand cognitive technology now and predict the various roles it will have in business in the future. Over the next two weeks, Deloitte is presenting four webinars on the impact of cognitive technologies .


Participants in these webinars will be eligible for 1 free CPE credit for each event.

Retail loss analytics: From value protection to value creation  – How can retailers use cutting-edge technology and analytics to improve efficiency, reduce inventory shrinkage and improve margins?

Robotics and cognitive technologies: More finance transformation – This webinar will discuss actual examples of how AI and robotic technology is already transforming the finance department.

Cognitive technologies: Lessons learned from early adopters

Asset management 2.0: Driving optimization and performance