Technology’s impact on HR in health care

Participants of the live webinar will be eligible for 1 free CPE credit.


Within the life sciences and health care industry, technology is increasingly automating repetitive tasks. How will changes in technology transform traditional back-office functions and even clinical workflows? We’ll discuss:

  • The growing use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to streamline business functions and reduce costs.
  • How these technologies will free up day-to-day activities, changing future workforce strategies and skill sets.
  • Challenges to adoption, including costs, patient satisfaction, and resistance to change.

Participants will explore current and future use cases for robotics in health care and learn strategies to manage a changing workforce.

Technology manages workforce challenges for consumer products industry

Participants of the live webcast will be eligible for 1 free CPE credit.

Risings costs and a shortage of skilled labor are affecting companies across the consumer products industry—from retail and restaurants to food manufacturers. Technology is proving to be a key solution in managing these challenges.


Join technology leaders from RSM’s national consumer products practice on Thursday, March 22, as they provide insights into the technology strategies that you can leverage to maximize your workforce, improve your company’s efficiency and keep you competitive.

In this one-hour session, RSM will illustrate:

  • The labor issues affecting the consumer products industry
  • How to leverage technology to manage the industry’s labor challenges
  • Best practices in models and approaches